About Us

Coffee Blends Zone - a shop with Barista needs 

Coffee Blends Zone online store offers a range of products that will be perfect for both owners of coffee machines or other popular devices for creating aromatic infusions, as well as those who prefer brewing their drink in a traditional way.

Our company is established in Bahrain to serve Businesses as wholesaler & Retail Customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are authorized agents of all brands we offer and looking forward to help customers to enjoy different blends and varieties.

Coffee Blends Zone is your one-stop store for everything coffee and tea-related created by coffee lovers who want to share their passion with you

In our store you will find:

    • coffee and tea in CAPSULES,
    • Barista Tools and Accessories,
    • ground coffee,
    • Specialty coffee beans,
    • tea,
    • and coffee machines.

    Coffee and tea in Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules

    Capsule coffee machines are breaking popularity records. Coffee lovers are encouraged to buy them: low price and convenience. However, the coffee machine alone is not enough to make tasty coffee or tea. Capsules are required for this, and you can buy them in our Coffee Blends Zone store .

    Specialty Coffee beans

    Coffee beans, i.e. roasted whole grains, are an ideal proposition for people who want to spend a few extra moments during the ritual of drinking this unique infusion. The best coffee can be obtained from freshly ground beans - which, of course, every coffee lover knows - so buying coffee in this form is always a good idea and is recommended for everyone who appreciates an intense aroma.

    Barista Tools and Accessories

    we bring you coffee accessories and coffee machines used by professional baristas in their homes and coffee shops all over the world. You'll also find pour-over coffee makers from Chemex, Aeropress, coffee grinders from Timemore and MHW, coffee machines from STONE Espresso by Rocket and many more.