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Soak, Wait, Enjoy. The Best Way To Enjoy Cold Brew In The World

  • We are taking you on a joyful ride of smoothness and clear flavors that only cold brewed specialty coffee can bring. Hand roasted to perfection it only needs cold water and some time to extract the purest flavors you can imagine in a cup of coffee.

Cold Brew Kit consists of:

  • a beautifully designed cold brew glass with an airtight cover
  • Mesh Filter

Recipe: Cold Brew With Tonic:

Because tonic doesn’t just mix with gin ...

<ul "=""><li "="">cold brew coffee<li "="">tonic<li "="">orange peel<li "="">icePreparation:<ul "=""><li "="">Prepare cold brew coffee in the GOAT STORY Cold Brew Kit. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour in the tonic. Slowly add cold brew coffee (2:1 ratio). Add an orange peel on top for décor and aroma. Enjoy!